size is true to the product specs
Really like it lee] my head and ears warm
I am a smallish-sized woman and bought these to wear to my tennis class. They fit on my head well. I loved them for tennis, and they are so comfortable that I wore them on an 11 hour drive and they were AMAZING! Id buy these again in a heartbeat.
I thought when I first received this purse, I wouldnt be happy with it. Boy, was I wrong. Best crossbody purse Ive ever owned. Plan on buying another, just a little bigger for winter.
Great t shirts good quality
Over these. Durable and comfortable
Seems to ride low in the back when I first put them on. Didn't notice much as the day wore on.
Very nice wallet.
a great product
Well, what do you say about briefs? They do what they are supposed to. I stick to Hanes because they seem to fit best and hold up well. The fabric is thin but acceptable. The elastic seems sturdy enough. Hopefully they will last a while.
strap too small
So helpful when trying to button pants with a broken wrist
Nice fit!! Don't think you need a larger size.
good thick socks
This is my second post on This was A surprise, it looks more valuable than what I paid for it, very well done and it looks like it
came from the era I bought it for.
Thanks, Jim.
Husband loves them. They are comfortable, soft and fit nicely.
This is the 8th pair of sunglasses that I have bought from Luenx off of an Amazon Lightning Deals. I really like these glasses, obviously! I have bought a few pairs of the blue mirrored and a few pairs of the dark grey ones, and have always received them in good shape. This pair was bought for my wife because she liked my glasses and knew I was happy with them. I have been using the blue ones for vacations, but have not used them so too many days, so I can't say they are built for abuse. But, they are well priced when they are a lightning deal, and they have always arrived nicely packaged and scratch-free. The "hard" case, soft bag and cleaning cloth are good quality, and I cannot fault the price vs. the overall package! The only reason I have given them 4 instead of 5 stars is because, the early "hard" cases had an elastic strap inside to keep the glasses from flopping around, and the case also had a clip on the outside so that I can clip it to my belt loop when I am outside. I use both of these features all the time. However, the last couple of pairs (including this one) have come with a very similar "hard" case, but no strap or clip. A bit disappointing, but still a good value overall.
Quality of wallet is well done and zippers works nicely along with the credit card RFID section. The sizes of the inside pouches and the wallet's overall size could be slightly larger. Folded dollar bills don't fit well and get caught on the zipper when closing. My coin pouch - flip top traveler kind - also just makes into the back non-RFID side.
Nice casual shirts for summer and around the house. I like that these are blank and just great casual shirts.
Great colors and fits perfect. Because this was a gift for my son. 4 stars only because I don't recommend spending this amount. It's redic. JCP has the same quality brand for half the price. Minus the details.
Very cool!!!
I drive a school bus and these help a lot in the early morning just as the sun is starting to come up. I thought they wouldn't be 'dark' enough for the daytime when it's really sunny but whatever polarized voodoo they do makes everything super sharp and keeps the sun at bay. PS you can also use them to block 'blue light' from computer/tablet/phone screens. Which means I pretty much wear these ALL THE TIME! Great buy!
Liked everything.
The purse was bent with a crease when I received it. Not made of strong material, too bad I was in need of a new purse. I probably won't order again from Soperwillton again.
Great gift and good quality
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and presentation of these glasses when I received them. At the price advertised, I honestly wasn't expecting much. The glasses arrived in a sturdy zippered case, and were encased in a drawstring pouch. Also enclosed in the case was a dust cloth. IMO they are worth much more than what they're charging!