colorful dog canvas

These are obvious counterfeit shirts. They came in a sealed transparent bag with no branding AT ALL, and there is no branding printed on the shirts either. The shirts have a small paper tag that says HANES but these are almost comically easy to rip and take off, something that honestly I REALLY appreciated. The shirts themselves are really nicely put together made with a thick but very soft fabric. I'm honestly really happy with these.
My husband is a big guy and this belt is easy and comfortable for him.
love them
Extremely lightweight and yet durable.
The arms are 3 inches to long, but other wise a solid shirt, I like the material is appears to be of good quality, the stitching is good. The shirt works as described.
Bought it for my husband for Christmas. Kind of short, but my husband is about 6 feet tall so I'm still giving it 5 stars. He likes it!
Fit is a little big, but the quality is pretty good.
It works well only problem is that if you put to many bills in the clip stretches and if you only have a few bills it will not keep them in place. I plan on removing the clip and replacing it with a ranger band .
Like new skin with room for the goods.
Works great at keeping the sun off my neck & face.
Very sturdy, the little tab that releases took a little getting used to, but works well. Good quality.
Comfortable socks I wear all day. Ordered this pack of 12 pairs of socks and only received 23 socks. Guess the dryer already ate one!
Love this bag!
I like the money clip on the back. It holds even single bills tightly. It is compact but still holds several cards.
Good buy
Not only is this a high quality product, the company selling these is very concerned about keeping their customers happy. I am using this as a daily carabiner key chain, and usually don't use the bottle opener or light, but they are handy options to have.
LOVE this purse! The leather is the softest imaginable, and lots of room inside. Beautiful design! I was looking for a Coach or Michael Kors bag when I saw this one. So GLAD I purchased this instead!
Fits on the foot but tight in the calf area, there is very little give.
I recently lost a little weight and needed to replace my baggy jeans. Of the three different brands I ordered through Amazon these Levi's fit best, and wear comfortably over my 10-12 hour, physically active work shift. I ordered a second pair and am considering a third.
Great fit and quick delivery
Awesome card and cash holder. If you dont have a lot of cards and usually keep some cash with you this is the perfect fit. Slim and classy. I would have this with my formal dresses.
Super cute and nice quality. But the screwed backing came off after the second day!! Disappointed in that. Now we need to order another pair.
The cutest panties and perfect for potty training a little one!
I am 6 4 Perfect length, most are too short. Ill be back for anotherécontracté-doublure-polyester-bandoulière