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These are great everyday shirts
Horrible product! When we received it the first time, there was only two of the four necklaces in the pack. So I had to reorder and when we got it, the chokers/ necklaces arent aligned right. When you put it on and tighten it to make it a choker it sits crooked. So No I would not order these at all.
I love these shades, they're cheap and pretty durable.
Ordered purple and received Rose. Kept it anyway as I loved the lots of pockets for organization and to be very honest it is just TOO much hassle to return and reorder. But was disappointed.
Purchased this one for myself, it's perfect for traveling. Loved so much, I ordered the burgundy one for my co-worker and recommended it to another and she got it in black. Perfect for business and travel.
I wore this at Badwater 135 mile ultra marathon in Death Valley this year. Temps hit over 120 degrees. This was a huge benefit for me
If this could be just a LITTLE bit bigger, it would be perfect. Baggalini has a habit of putting great pockets on their purses, but not enough room to actually use them for anything but a couple of receipts. The same is true for this bag. It's got a cell phone pocket that holds 3/4 of a cell phone. It's got a couple of zipper pockets in the front that I guess you could put something super flexible in, but you can't have stuff in all the pockets at once. The internal pocket is fairly roomy, but when I zip it closed, it's just a little tight. I mean it is so close. SO. CLOSE. Maybe you don't carry as much stuff as me, and this is no problem for you. Maybe I need to jettison a little bit more of my purse junk. Or maybe Baggalini needs to add just a little bit more material.

I was looking for a crossbody purse with a more open "floor plan" than my old Baggalini Sydney (which was FLAT), but not quite so big as the Hobo travel tote (tote being the operative word here). This is in between but it falls on the smaller side. Now I've bought it and lived with it a few days and I think maybe I should have just gone with the bigger one.
Super fresh. Blocks the sun out.
Over all it's a good wallet but not money clip A money clip part does not hold your money tight enough
 I got this for my wife she really loved it has very good smooth finish soft material durable has many compartments and large space to have the items for women carry lot of stuff this is the bag I would recommend very good product for a fair amount of money spent.
Very Cute gift!
Great backup pair of sunglasses. Made in China and it shows as they will definitely not take a daily use workout. But I threw a pair in each car for those times when I forget my sunglasses. Great price.
Wallet fits my cards exactly as I expected.
I love this belt! I bought one at a local store and immediately found it to be better than the traditional belts. I always have a perfect fit and I can tighten or loosen the belt with ease.
Well made comfortable sock.
Beautiful as all Sakroots products are. Was a little smaller than I expected and wouldnt fit what I needed it to so I havent even used it. Ill probably end up gifting it to someone.
These work very well and are also very comfortable. I wear them with almost all of my pants (even jeans) to ensure I stay plumbers crack free. I am very pleased with this product.
Small! Smaller than I thought. Wish it had more room for 1 or 2 more cards. Overall, very pleased.
Solid sunglasses. Stylish and affordable. Perfect for the beach
These socks fitted perfectly,gave great support and stayed up as I always expect of Gold Toe socks.I know they can be a bit more expensive than "Wal MArt " socks but,you get what you pay for.
I just got them and I'm very happy with the purchase. High quality. Great fit. Very nice lenses. I got the green polarized. Killer shades!
Fits better than most for shorter length.
My husband loves these jeans. They are button fly, so just be aware of that when you purchase.
Product was as described
These are the only undershirts my husband likes. Cotton is nice and cool in hot, humid Texas weather. He's 6'4" tall and these are long enough to stay nicely tucked. Yes, cotton will shrink after washing so size accordingly.

I'm so glad I found these on Amazon and at a great price, too. Just made my husband very happy.
This belt does what a belt is supposed to do.

The price was right, the color was right & the sizing was accurately listed.

My husband says he likes the feel of it.

I recommend this item.
Exactly as stated. Looks great and works to keep my Oakleys safe. While it is called a soft vault case, it is made of hard plastic and can take a little bit of a beating. My FLAK jackets fit in it great.
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