Boyfriend loves the size. I dunno I feel about the money clip as it kinda flashes how much money you have but he seems to like it.
I like them, but I did check and I really wanted polarized lenses
This such a cute watch! I bought this for my 5 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it.
Well made and I love that its upcycled material!
Love these shorts. Or should I say, lack there of.....
Good product
The description of the hat stated a snap back trucker style hat. What I receive was a boys size s-m pro-fit
Its definately waterproof and as enough space
Loved these sunglasses!
Fits great and looks great!
Just what I needed. Holds my credit cards and cash. Slim enough for front pocket.
These are great! Awesome price and look like high end glasses. Great on my motorcycle.
I purchased this unit for my father, (90-years). The hat was very small and certainly much thinner than expected by the product's brand. I specially purchased this hat due to the brand - with the expectation that this hat was manufactured for people that work outdoors in cold weather - not a hat for that simple 'looks good'. Given the small size - "Yes - I'm able to pull-it-down over my ears" - that said, it would be extremely tight and unacceptable from my father's point of view.
I travel for a living and am unable/unwilling to waste time returning the item so I gave it to my four-year-old grandson - it fit perfect. No more (catalog) Carhartt.
They are cute earrings but the clasps are lose so an earring tends fall out of my ear from time to time.
Read the reviews for this purse and I agree that it is well made and love the leather.
Liked it all
This is the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. It is very soft and lightweight. I will never buy any other brand. Very affordable and fashionable as well.
My husband absolutely loves this new wallet!! Such a good deal for the price.
Love it!!!!!!!!!!
I bought this watch for my 10 year old son. This is the second one. It works for about 2 weeks and then the time and date change. We fix it and the next day it resets again. I wouldnt buy another one.
You must ask my girlfriend Bimbo Shagnastie.
What a great bag.
Good price and great quality