custom canvas prints 40 x 60

Purchased a size medium for an elderly man whose stature is around 5' 5" tall, 154 lbs. These are a bit baggy on his very thin legs and butt, so they would probably fit a healthier, physically fit man well. However, they are a couple of inches too long. I wish companies would make different lengths for these types of pants. We are making this pair work with a couple of safety pins, but it isn't ideal. I miss the old style elastic-bottom sweatpants for this reason. Otherwise, he likes the weight and feel of the pants, says they're comfortable.
Fit perfect & very comfortable. My son loves these Southpole joggers. He has more than one pair.
Great quality, much better than I expected for the price. I wear a mens size 12 and the L/XL fit perfect.
Super comfy
My jacket was a defective had a marked rip on the inside ! So not cool, instead of going through the hassle of the return process, I'll just so it myself. I paid almost $100 and I'd expect a top quality item. Not fully satisfied!
Super bien
Cute bracelets but one of them came broken
cheap socks. what else can you say. Seems like I order this once a year. but for 9 bucks - what the hay! they do not last too long but do the trick!
Lightweight, super bright purple, excellent coverage, perfect fitting, super cute
I love these socks! Perfect fit and they are so comfortable!
They work as expected
Muy buenas
We like them! If you have a thicker neck they are a tighter fit but still loose. They are a great buy, a great product! Thank you!
Saw this advertised on a YouTube ad and, in a rare moment of being swayed by a YouTube ad, went ahead and purchased this belt. My weight has been changing rather rapidly as of late, so my current belt has been getting a notable workout.
I'm really glad that I made the purchase. Though it was a little bit of a process on how to put the belt on, but it's quite easy to figure out and go through again as needed. The buckle holds the belt right in place and I love the fact that the belt can be adjusted to just how I need every day.
They look like a young girls gift. Beautifully detail with little color stones. If your little girl still feel young and innocent these are perfect gift for her. I reccomend them
Very good
I bought these for my husband and he wears them all the time. He loves the flexibility of the fabric and the overall comfort of these shorts!
As advertised, would buy again.
Great fitting shirt and feels great.
Just what I wanted. Extremely comfortable. Not dressy, not bummy. It will last a couple of summers and for the price that is all I expect. I have dress shorts and bum around the garden shorts - these just fit into that in- between - hanging around the house and just nice enough to wear to the grocery store. The pockets are just deep enough that my change, keys and phone don't fall out when I sit down. I bought one, then the day I got the first I ordered 2 more.
Its super soft and cozy!
What the heck is the point of guaranteeing delivery if it doesnt actually make it there. I planned it to arrive on the day of the birthday and it came a day late. Frustrating, wont do that again.
Fits everything I need to carry. I don't like a bunch of cards myself. Comfortable fit front or back pocket. Good quality.
I love it!!! I love the color and the silver hardware. I haven't actually used it yet, waiting for spring weather but it looks like it will be the perfect size!
Awesome bag, but not very big. I get compliments on this everywhere I go.
I love the billfold. Print is lovely. Lots of room for credit cards , driver license, paper money and change.
I would have given it 5 stars if the slots where you put the cards and license were a little larger. I struggle
getting them in and out. I love the RFID for card protection. When it arrived I sprayed the inside and out with fabric
protection twice since it is material. I recommend purchasing if you need a billfold. By the way, it has 2 snaps to keep
It closed very well even if really full.
Box was crunched, I was sent a product someone had returned. Glasses were dirty and didn't seem well made. There was paint on the screws and the color was off. Totally different than the pair I tried on at the store. The writing on the inside of the frames was smudged. I didn't feel it was worth the money paid. They seemed like a fake pair, I sent them right back.
These are the most comfortable work/sport socks I've ever worn. They are well-made and I expect they will last longer than previous ones I've had.
Love it
Very comfortable :)