Really cute. Im not sure it would be durable every day, but is is great for the price.
These are very nice and soft and comfortable! Good job amazon!
High Quality. Looks Fantastic. This was birthday present for my son's friend. He loved it. I will definitely buy more.
Just as expected!
A great, secure, minimalist wallet. And great customer service. I've only had it a short while, but it is so far sturdy, solidly constructed of quality materials, and I feels great in my hands when I pull it out. Also, a story: I was walking through an incredibly crowded mall the other day and i had to smile as I thought, "this is exactly the kind of place where thieves are using RFID tactics to steal people's credit card and other info -- but not mine!"
This is a high quality leather wallet. My son loves it!
NOT sterling Silver. Do not buy! Only worth couple bucks. So fake looking, I cant wear it.
Great sunglasses
i loved these glasses, not only are they super stylish but they worked instantly. My head was killing me for the days since i work on my computer and phone all day. I noticed a difference right when i put them, it darkens the computer screen and makes it 10000x more visible! I will buy more styles soon, absolutely loved!
I got mine in Feburary and I'm loving it so far.
I wanted something to replace my bulking fold up wallet. And I'm talking about the ones usually marketed toward women. I could never fit it in my pockets no matter how little stuff I had in its and had to take a small bag around if I didn't want to carry it in hand. It I wanted around a wallet in my hand, I'd use a clutch!
This wallet is nearly flat and small enough that Ican put it in the back pocket of my jeans and not feel uncomfortable sitting down. I can even fit almost all of it in the front pocket of some jeans (women's jeans).
Even with the cash, credit card, license, insurance cards, and a couple gift cards, it's still pretty flat!
Its held up great too! I'm not usually rough with things but it hasn't gotten dirty or scratched so far. Definitely going to be recommending this to all my friends who dealt with the same things I did with women's wallets.
Best jeans Ive bought in a long time
My husband loves these socks. They are a bit expensive, but worth it.
My Son loves this shirt. The material feels great. Fits great. No problems.
Just push in the crown for back Indiglo light that is a soft greenish color and lights up the whole dial evenly from behind.
Pristine looking quality watch with easy to read numbers and hands. My niece will love it.
Goid product.
Comes in a nice bag and a cleaning cloth. Keeps everything smooth and viable all while protecting my eyes from the sun. It doesn't block it 100% but for the price it's still 5/5
Beautiful piece of jewley. My sister loved it. I would buy again. Thank you
Love it! Its is a little heavier than I was expecting but I still love it.
Love the style and softness it was allot smaller than I expected
Extremely wrinkled after washing. Otherwise ok for handkerchief use. I do not want to iron them.
I sized down based on the review and it fits my 5 year old perfect. It has really good coverage on the bum as well.
These hats are great. They fit great , they don't stain and they don't stretch over time like the last kind of material. The cool and dry tech I guess. Definitely worth it.
Small small small this purse is small but if your game for a small purse then go for it I'm a mom of two and thought it was going to be bigger than it was showing. So for me it will be a Xmas gift this year because I'm unhappy with it..
Had on for less thab two hours and ripped right down the front.
The purse is adorable! And it seems pretty well made for the price. However, when I went to attach the strap, there was nothing to attach it to on one side! I looked at the thing (link? I don't know what to call it - the piece of gold metal that the strap clips to!) that was there on the other side, and when I pulled it ever so slightly, it came right off! So the pretty strap is unusable. I'm keeping the purse anyway, as I don't mind carrying it by its short handle, and I got the purse in a lightning deal pretty inexpensively, but if the long strap is important to you, I wouldn't purchase the bag. If it's not, get it, 'cause it's cute as can be! It's a real nice size, too...not too big, not too small.
Fit is good, fabric is good......the colors they sent cold have won me a prize at the gay pride parade.
oh frye. why! You used to be so reliable. I think this is my 10th frye bag. God only knows how many boots I've bought by them. I'm very loyal, but I'm not sure they deserve my loyalty anymore.

this is my 3rd frye bag with a crap strap. one is always sewn on well and the other just falls apart mid event. IN this case I was carrying a lipstick and a small wallet. there's no excuse people.
Its perfect ! And keeps you warm
Loved the style and looks but the blue tint is terrible and reduces contrast between objects. I purchased them for mountain biking but had to return them as you couldnt see the trail clearly. Hope they would make them with a warmer tint in the lenses.