canvas painting 3 set

Really nice quality
product as ordered in comfort and fit.
The quality was very good. The colors were great. Unfortunately, the Large fit more like a compression shirt, not a relaxed fit Tee. We had to return them. The return process was SUPER easy!!!
Fits nicely. The shirt will show your belly if you raise your arms. Very soft and comfortable.
Very nice suprise they are comfortable and dont ride up and the dont make you sweat
501s best there is
Thicker than usual. These are a little warm for Gulf Coastal weather.
Looks perfect for any casual events. Washes and dries without wrinkling. The collars is a bit stiff but its keeping its shape.
Love this bag! Wish it was a little stiffer so it would be easier to find things in it, but its better than most Ive had.
Beautiful bag, but unfortunately had to return it because BOTH zippers were broken within a couple of days.
it's hard to be minimalist with all the cards you need to carry, this is adequate, you can eliminate the money clip easily. I would like card slots instead, but it works, I stretch it out a bit
The pockets where you put credit cards were too small to fit a credit card, also found they were glued together and when I attempted to open them up a little to fit in a credit card it completely ripped open and even after they ripped open I thought I would try the credit cards again and the slots were still too small to actually fit the card in the correct way without a great struggle So, that makes this wallet unusable as you can't keep credit cards in it...very disappointed!
My eyes have worsened in the last few months, and I have not been able to find stronger reading glasses (4 strength). Thought it would be a hassle to order them on line, but decided to give it a try. I was amazed how quickly they arrived, with in 2 days!! It;s so nice to have 4 pair, now I leave a pair with my reading materials, a pair in the kitchen, bedroom and my purse. I only need them to read and I was always taking them off and needing them in some other room. I've only had these a short time, but they are very clear and sturdy. And I got 4 pair for what I used to pay for one. Win/win!!
Feel great, neck hole could be smaller. Prefect after 2 washes
Looks great exactly what I ordered. I have not used it yet because of one small detail that is not included in the box. IT DOES NOT COME WITH MOUNTING BOLTS OR EQUIPMENT!!
I needed a heavier weight sock to wear under an Arizona foot and ankle brace. These fit the bill, and st a reasonable price. They hold their shape well and keep their size through multiple warnings.
great quality, price & shipping!
Very cute
This is a great belt! The quality is good for the price paid.
I wanted to like this. It is lightweight and comfortable. It just doesnt look right on me. And the wooden box its packaged in is very nice; but the wood split the same day I received it. The only reason Im returning it is because it is too bulky for me.
Great wallet & fast shipping. I use to have a big fat wallet that would hurt my right buttcheek, but now I can sit on all my cards & cash and hardly feel a thing. My buns greatly appreciate it!
I've tried so many different pairs of sunglasses that don't really do a great job of what they are intended to do, protect your eyes from the sun. Until I tried a pair with brown lenses. That pair was starting to show their age, so I decided to try out a pair of the Sungaits to replace them. So far they are about the same as my original pair. They do a better job of blocking out the sun and the fit is nice. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase so far.
Ordered Black Prizm polarized and received a bunch of accessories like cleaning kit, mirror and a keychain tool with slotted and Philips screwdrivers. The cleaning kit is great for any lens type as well as LCD screens. Already cleaned my 4K smart TVs. I'm super happy with the deal. Got everything for 165$. The only issue or maybe it's good I'm not quite sure yet is that polarization is kind of strange. It's definitely there I can check looking on my phone and rotating it and at some point the screen goes black but generally I can use my phone without any problems. Moreover, I don't see significant glare reduction on glass windows, water, cars or whatever. I mean it's not like I seen on some videos when water becomes almost transparent. Is there any difference in polarization? Should I start to worry? The product looks definitely like the original product.
For the cost I think this is an exceptional bag. Holds my things perfect. Nice enough for an evening out but can also be casual for a girls day. Love it.
Fits great. Holds up to the washing machine.
Needs a little personal touch. The stock shaoe isnt great. But a little steam and this baby will form to your liking.
My only problem with the wall is the chinos too short
Very cute