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Well made and ingenious product. Solid construction and holds together well. Keys fold out easily and are maybe a bit sloppy but I haven't had them poke or move while in my pocket. This product was exactly what I was looking for to organize my keychain.
I can finally tie my shoes without my ass crack showing itself to the world.
This is the first Lee press that I have owned. My other press is an RCBS Rock Chucker 4 single stage, so it's the only thing I have to make comparison to. First off, I was impressed by they weight of the Lee press right out of the box. The cast iron base and heat treated linkage arms make this seem like a pretty beefy and strong press. The first thing I did was clean everything with brake cleaner and apply some fresh oil to all of the linkage points and the ram as well as a bit on the turret itself. It is not quite as smooth as the RCBS but pretty good. The indexing works flawlessly and I have made a reverse indexing rod and case ejector for it to operate it more like a progressive press. Teamed with the Safety Prime priming system and Pro-Drum powder dispenser, I am able to turn out a good deal of pistol ammunition is a fairly short amount of time. I am sure that once everything is dialed in, you should have no problem loading 150+ rounds per hour. This is the main reason for purchasing the turret press. For the price, you really can't beat this unless you plan on going to a fully progressive press.
Beautiful glasses. I would order again
Love these! Stay on well and they don't irritate
You can not get a better value. They were just what I expected and wanted. I can wear just a Tee shirt during the summer for work. I need a pocket for various items. These are the perfect summer Tee. Ligh but durable.t
I wear caps all the time and am always on the hunt for a good one. This is probably the worst one I've purchased yet. Fits badly, has a wierd sweatband that shows while on and just is not comfortable. I would not recommend it.
Me encanto!
I was scammed with the color was not what came in the photo was not green coffee.
Well-constructed and functional minimalist wallet.
Another great Carhartt product.

The cap is very lightweight. The fabric breathes, keeping your head a little more cool than other fabric hats. The built-in sweatband is a nice feature to help keep sweat from your eyes. On a really hot day, youll be wiping sweat awayits not a miracle working hat. Finally, the fabric has a little bit of sheen to it. Flying grass pieces in the air dont seem to cling to it like my former work cap.

Having said all that, I give it five stars.
Looks interesting. Fits 4-5 ccards, drivers license and a few banknotes. Won't fit anything else. The stitching is already falling apart though and it's only been a bit over two weeks.
Made a great gift
the size came in way too big. I bought the size smaller and it was a bit too tight. so I guess I am in between the xl and xxl size
Excellent sunglasses
Work play carhartt every day
Omg i love it there thats my review
It's very comfortable this purse I like it.
Love it!!! Only had a week and I have over packed it and it has survived
These are great material!
Good quality ribbon. Needs better ring
Very comfortable, looks great,and the price was right!
I love this wallet and separate compartments, good leather and still looks new after months of use
This bag is durable and stylish with several compartments. I love it. Great quality. Great price.
Beautiful design, simple, elegant. Gorgeous color and fabric, looks just like the picture. Perfect size, not too big, not too small. Great that it can go as backpack or shoulder bag. Excellent value for the price. I highly recommend it.
I love my new purse. The leather is soft, but not so soft you have to worry about it easily scratching. The tan color is on the golden side but the picture is pretty accurate especially if you zoom in. It arrived earlier than expected, nearly 10 days earlier as a matter of fact. It was well packaged and the hardware was well protected with plastic so nothing was scratched. The visible stitching is straight and even and the lining is a very nice quality. All in all a great everyday purse. I definitely recommend.
Perfect for your stitch fan.
Love this wallet, not a lot of room, but it holds my necessary stuff. I get a lot of compliments on it. I have backpacks, duffels, wallets from Herschel. Fan for life!
Loves these shorts. Great day and quality product.
Only thing I found is that if you have a lot of cards, it's just a lil difficult to take out the card you need. I had to put the cards that I use the most at both ends. But other than that, I like it!